Why Arranged Marriages ROCK—The Top Ten Quotes That Swayed Me

November 15, 2007

This post is blazing right out of me, and much like diarrhea, I ain’t gonna fight it.

My name is Romi, and I am of Indian descent (not the “casino” kind, but the “elephants/saris/cab-drivers” kind).

My parents were born in India, but I popped out of mother’s vagina HERE—in beautiful syrupy Canada.  This basically means a couple of things:

#1: My parents expect me to be a nice little Indian girl, like the ones from their native tribe

#2: I’ve spent my whole life being influenced by Western culture (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse)

The most important thing I can do in life, is marry some Indian dude, with super-wicked stats (lotsa money, good family, good genes, good values).  Once this is done, I can turn into an ethnic baby-making-machine, thus fulfilling my spicy destiny.

Since my parents don’t understand/believe in dating (as they associate it with sluts/white people (…sorry) ), my future will come in the form of an arranged marriage (like this one below).


 (look how happy they seem…is that how my future will be?)

Now since I’m already 26, the clock is ticking loudly (side-note: according to “brown years”, my ovulation days will be over by age 28).

All this pressure is making me very nervous.  If anything, I’ve always considered myself to be a passionate, free, and open-minded person; so why all these restrictions?

I just don’t get the “arranged marriage” concept, or at least…I didn’t get it. 

That’s right people, the winds have finally changed, and it’s all because of THIS.  It’s a touching anecdote, where an Indian woman tells me her story, and here it is in a nutshell: she grew up in India, she was “chosen” by some rich-ass Indian/American, she married him on the 3rd meeting, she banged him (awesome), she moved to Manhattan, and she lived happily ever after.


If that’s not enough, she left me with a bunch of inspiring quotes. 

So here they are: The Top Ten quotes on why I should get “arranged” (complete with my enthusiastic reactions🙂 ).

(once you’ve read them, tell me what you think: Should Romi get an arranged marriage?  Should you?)


Why Arranged Marriages ROCK—The Top Ten Quotes That Swayed Me


#10:  There was something about his demeanor, his soft, lilting voice, and the pleasing way he interacted with my family — frankly, we all fell for him.

I am ALL about my family falling for my dude.  That’s right, “familial orgies”; complete with high tea, soft whispers, and baby oil.  Yeahhhh…..


#9:  One week later, his mother called my mother, and by the end of the phone call, we were engaged.

You mean…we can get our moms to propose for us? That is SUCH a weight off my shoulders; seriously, I am NOT very good at talking to dudes directly; thanks mom!🙂


#8:  Shouts and hugs were exchanged throughout the neighborhood — you’d have thought I’d won an Olympic gold medal.

I’ve always felt a void in my life, saying to myself: “I think I’m happy in my life, but am I making my neighbours happy too? What do they want?”  Well now I know how to make their dreams come true; Olympic medals all around!🙂


#7:  On my wedding night, a sense of calm finally washed over me, as I made my leap from bride to wife (armed with the Kama Sutra, which my cousins had downloaded onto my PDA as a gift).

I have always been nervous about having “relations”, but if marrying a dude of my parents’ choice means a downloaded copy of the “Kama Sutra”, I say “YES”!  A thousand times yes!


#6:  I eyed his walk-in closet, courageously moving his suits into a smaller armoire. Judging from what remained, I had married an avid golfer, skier, and board-game player.

I like surprises, and nothing would surprise me more than finding out my husband’s hobbies AFTER we get married.  Five points for mystery!🙂


#5:  My husband bought me fashionable, sometimes sexy clothes, and we tested each others’ boundaries.

I have never worn sexy clothes before; I’m excited for my husband to buy me some.


#4:  It was just like dating, only we were already married.

Why didn’t I realize this before?  It’s all the joys of dating, but you never have to go into “why won’t he call me?”-mode, ’cause you’ll already have him “locked-in-for-life”.  Sucka!


#3:  Slowly, I was getting to know my husband, even starting to fall in love with him.

WHAT!??!?! Does this chick mean to tell me I can “fall in LOVE” with my arranged marriage!?!?!?  Do you know what that means for a hopeless romantic like me???  WOW, arranged marriage = “You’ve Got Mail”…I am SOOO friggin’ excited🙂


#2:  Although my husband doesn’t always agree with his opinionated and selectively liberated wife, he openly expresses his love

I’ve only ever been interested in being “selectively” liberated (all of you already know this); so if I can be THAT, and still find a man who expresses his love, then colour me ecstatic!🙂


#1:  I discovered that having an arranged marriage was a great icebreaker, and my social circle mushroomed each time I retold my story.

Okay, THAT right THERE puts it over the top.  Honest to goodness, nothing means more to me than expanding my circle of friends, so if I can attract the masses by telling the world how I “married a stranger”, then sign-me-fucking-up!


Alright then, if you’re reading this Mom and Dad, I’m ready; now get your asses to MarriageExpress.com, and find me a frickin’ prince!!



  1. I’m so glad for your muse that her social circle mushroomed……I would have never thought that having an arranged marriage would be such a social boon!
    Indirect side effects are great!
    Now, Romi, I don’t think you should get an arranged marriage. But that’s because I’m white, and I just don’t get it. Also, because I’d like to hear your blogging views on awkward dates that you could potentially go on. Buck your wacky ethnic traditions and start whoring it up girl!

  2. I’m not sure what your situation is (in this department), but banging / getting laid / doing it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

    Sorry to dissapoint.

    I’m surprised that a cute young woman like you hasn’t already met a man and gotten married.


  3. Oooh! Before I even read your fucking blog, I just want to say Indian chicks are sexy! (and I so didn’t now you were Indian, I thought you were a white chick who tanned waaaaay too much because she was wild!) Ok, here goes, ten reasons why you want to marry me! Let’s go!

    1) I’m sure you are a nice little Indian girl, if by nice you mean naughty, and by little you mean big, and by Indian you mean exotic, and by girl you mean, well … girl. Or woman or lady. Whatever you prefer.

    2) Is western culture so bad really? I mean besides me. Of course I’m bad/a slut. But in general? Dating isn’t bad. If you hooked up with a southern white boy like me, you might just be type cast as a spicy ethnic baby making machine!

    3) AKA 10) Every one of my girlfriends families have fallen for me. Not all at first, but I won every one of them over. And if I can get Yankee catholics to like me, then Hindus should be no problem!

    9) No need. I’ll talk directly to your mom for my mom. and hopefully I will even get you to blossom out of your shell too. (like you need encouragement)

    8) Your neighbors will build effigies to my person and sacrifice goat blood to have a prosperous summer. Minus the beef.

    7) Ok, I just went sex toy shopping, that’s pretty much like the kama sutra!

    6) Guess what my secret is? Seriously, I dare you to guess something about me that I haven’t already said. I promise, there’s lots!

    5) I won’t buy you shit, but I might test your boundaries.

    4) It’s called workin late dammit! Your vagina is like a bear trap!

    3) Sort of like when the hostage falls in love with their captor? I want a woman to fall in love with me because she loves me, not because it’s convenient. End of story.

    2) How about you be selectively liberated, and I be selectively supportive of your ass? And I really don’t mean that in a bad way. The more you want to skip traditional woman roles, the cooler I am. If you can bring in an income like a man, I will split the traditional roles with you, based on what we contribute to the relationship. So if you earn the same as me, I will do half the home work. If you earn nothing, you keep the home up. If I earn nothing, I do the same. And that way we always work together to get more money and a better home.

    1) Just get a Ministers license online and start conversations that way. Don’t fuck with the little salad like shreds of hope I still have for true love. You sexy brown beast. Tell your parents I’m a lawyer or a doctor or something.

  4. I just read the above comment, and I like how he says, “Your vagina is like a bear trap.” No one’s ever said that about my vagina. One day I hope someone will.

    Ok, but this quote fully made me laugh/sick: #5: My husband bought me fashionable, sometimes sexy clothes, and we tested each others’ boundaries.

    I think you should get married asap. Will your parents be ok if it’s not an Indian husband? What if we found you a nice white guy who acted all Indian? We can find you a “Windian” or a “Blandian” or a “Mexdian.” Let me know.

  5. An avid board game player???

    Forget the money, sex, getting to know him, eventually falling in love crap. Dude can play Risk..and not on PS2.


  6. I wouldn’t do it, but you never know what works for some people. My MIL is still appalled by the fact that hubby and I met through the “personals”. Any chance you could have a long engagement with an opt-out option in case he’s an idiot in handsome skin?

  7. Well now that I thought about it, that explains the perfectly jet black hair! Just when I think you can’t get any hotter, you add some spicy to the pan! Just so you know, I am a big spicy fan!

  8. You seriously did NOT talk about your mothers vagina… Miss Romipenny what are we to do with you?

    I seriously think you are over ovulating at the moment…

  9. What type of clothes did the guy have in his closet that led her to believe he was an avid board game player?

    You better get your parents moving! Your market value is dropping by the day! Shouldn’t you have already had 4-5 kids by now? But seriously, let Abarclay and I find you a suitable husband, hopefully here in Southern California.

  10. Arranged marriages have low divorce rates compared to “idealist” marriages. Strange stuff, since one would consider it to be the other way around.


    first of all this is a great post and i feel closer to you.

    life coach, not all of us get to even have a marrage. i would love for somebody to arrange me a marrage. if i dont find somebody to marrage, i cant just go and get an arranged one even if motar tries to organise it.

    so at least you are guaranteed a marrage.

    the bottom line is, i feel arranged marrage is not for you unless it is filmed and i get to watch it on prime time television.

  12. this is individual, some cases i think arranging marriages work very well. good luck.

  13. Talea: I am ALL ABOUT social boons, and if arranged marriages are the way to get there, let’s get this party started.

    PS: I’m alarmed by your White/Western ways; I don’t think I’m prepared to do “bucking” of any kind. I don’t think my mother will be pleased to know we’re friends, but I still like you anyway🙂

    twps: if you had told me that little bit of information had I NOT read the article, I would’ve been very disappointed. Knowing what I know though, I’m kind of relieved.

    PS: I know, right? Why haven’t I been scooped up yet???

    rotgut: hey josh, this is one legendary comment; alright, here are my thoughts:

    -I LOVE how you thought I was a white chick who tans too much…lol…it’s true, I am ALL about the hint of sunless-tanner lotion (hint…lol..); it’s perfect for when my complexion is feeling drab and gray….

    1) I can assure you that I am a giant Indian girl of epic proportions; as for being exotic well…obviously😉 …as for being naughty, no siree bob, tea and medical journals, that’s as crazy as I get

    2) Southern/Indian would definitely be a spicy combination!

    10) Yankee-catholics are hard to please, no doubt; it looks like you have potential!

    9) I have been hiding in my shell for way too long; help me blossom! Lol…

    8) I can’t believe how much we’re gonna help my neighbours out; that’s amazing

    7) This is a racy response, and mother won’t stand for it; no comment

    6) Secret guess: you like to walk around in high heels in your room when no one’s watching?

    5) You’ll test my boundaries? Be prepared to pretty much wind up where you started…lol…

    4) You did NOT just call my vagina a bear-trap..best comment ever🙂

    3) You WILL fall in love with me out of convenience; it is the only sensible thing to do!!

    2) Every lady on this comment thread should totally fall for your ass after that comment (if they hadn’t already😉 )

    1) “sexy brown beast”…lol..another favourite; okay, you’re a neurosurgeon now!😉

    PS: indeed, my black hair is the biggest tell; oooh..you’re a spicy fan eh? thanks man🙂

  14. abarclay: hey B; if no one has ever said “your vagina is like a bear trap” to you, I’m sure they are thinking it; good luck

    -Yeah, comment #5 is definitely classic🙂

    -Oh my god: “windian, blandian, or mexdian?”…LMAO!!! I’m definitely thinking that natural Indian is most appropriate, but see what you can find please🙂

    Andy: you’re right, the ability to play “Risk” traditional-style puts anyone over the top

    Jayne: I’m not sure if my parents are into the whole long-engagement thing (see “ovulation expiry” comment); I’ll try to push it out if I can, ’cause I don’t want no freak in handsome indian-skin!

    Paul: I only made reference to my mother’s vagina in an honourary way, and as long as I didn’t refer to it as giant or gaping or anything, I think my comment was completely appropriate.

    Also, you’re right, I’ve been in hyper-ovulation mode for a while now; I better tone things down, I don’t wanna waste all my remaining cycles before the big day!😉

    Daddy Dan: I sense that board-game-players wear sweater-vests; just a feeling…

    PS: I should have had AT LEAST two runts by now..sigh…thank you to yourself and Abarclay for your support; maybe between the two of you, you can find me a suitable mate

    Virgilius: I know, that’s the stat my parents keep waving in front of my face; finally I’m ready to accept it!🙂

    mittins: since you are my life coach, yours is the opinion that matters most; i’m glad we are closer.

    Also, I never considered the “guaranteed marriage”; I am basically the luckiest girl in the world…🙂

    PS: I know what you mean, he might be a prince to everyone else, but unless I can film my marriage on prime-time TV for you to watch, he’s just not the one

    Dating: You are absolutely right, hence why I’m ready to dive right into the “arranged marriage pool”; thanks for your luck🙂

  15. romi, would it be possible to get me to pass as an indian? i have dark hair but light skin so I would need to tan for a long time. I’m 23 and i have money. I can even speak with a good indian accent. I think we can pull this off if we try and then I can make you my baby machine. We will just have to explain why our kids look the way they do.

  16. You know that bear trap reference just bought this image back to me


    and now I’m feeling slightly scared.

    But back to the topic in hand, which isn’t the toothiness of your nether regions, I think arranged marriages are a brilliant idea and I’d actually go one step further and insist that there is no common language. Ahhh, marital bliss…

  17. I love the mix of eastern/western culture when the cousins downloaded the Kama Sutra into the PDA. Bwahahaha.

    Personally, I would be down with the idea of arranged marriages. It saves you awkward dating. It’s arranged to make you wealthier than you are, and who wants you to be happier more than your parents, right?

    Okay, maybe that only works in the non-white world, because my parents are jerks and my mom dates boys my age. Hmmmmmmm.

  18. Your vagina is like a bear trap.

    I’m a guy (I hope this clears up any doubts you may have had), and this actually sounds pretty scary to me.


  19. Answers to your top 10

    #10: Oldest guy trick in the book, meet family + impress family = getting in your pants
    #9: Your mother sold you to his mother for a cow and some chickens
    #8: Shouts and hugs were exchanged throughout the neighborhood because eveyone was excited about the free butter chicken at the wedding
    #7: Forget the kama sutra, sluts/white people prefer things like “the dirty sanchez”, “the spiderman”, and “the houdini”, you should too…
    #6: Judging from what remained in the closet, you married a pussy
    #5: Your husband bought you sexy clothes so that you could do point #7, but then again he’s a pussy, right?
    #4: If you have to worry “why he won’t call me?” its because either you’re ugly or you won’t put out
    #3: You were starting to fall in love with him because your mom would kill you if she had to return the cow and/or the chickens
    #2: Exactly how does he express his love? point #7 again…
    #1: If telling your arranged marriage story is how you make new friends, your new friends probably feel sorry for you.

    Your neighbour

  20. Hah! High heels? I don’t think so. Maybe some day I’ll post my cross dressing video up on my blog, and you can see what I look like in chick attire. No I can’t imagine heels would be cool at all. I’ve never tried to walk in them, but I’m pretty sure I would break my ankle if I did.

    You’d be surprised at how good I am at moving boundaries around. I’m quite persuasive.

    I’m a neurosurgeon now! Sweet cuppin cakes! I’ve always thought I would be really good at surging neurons.

  21. Oh crap. I’m of Indian origin, also 26 and, in your words, parental figures think I have “lotsa money, good family, good genes, good values”. Considering you have already proposed to me this does not bode well. Not well at all.

    I don’t think you should get an arranged marriage. Partly because I don’t want one and I can use you as a justification to my father, who is constantly on at me to get married (“I’m just 26!” doesn’t seem to work on him as he was married at 22).

    However the most pressing reason is that I’m worried you’ll end up being arranged to marry me. Even if you’re not I wouldn’t wish being married to you on my worst enemy. The poor sod wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

  22. Dude, I just re-read that part about your ovulation ending at 28. Now, I’m just a neurosurgeon, but that doesn’t sound right at all. I think it’s way way later. In fact I’m sure of it. You were joking right? Cause sometimes I can’t tell.

    Also, I think I may have found the perfect man for you. You know, since I’m not available at the moment. How do you feel about loving up Dr. Mohinder Suresh from Heroes? He’s a Doctor, he’s Indian, and he’s wicked hawt. I’d bone him if I were gay. What do you think?

  23. I don’t think you should get married at all. If you were married, how would you find time to stalk me?

    But if you are looking to shack up permanently, I agree with Josh/rotgut. There’s no better man on Earth than a fictitious television character. Besides me, of course.

  24. Quote #4 Really got to me. It’s like dating, but being married…Ok, ya that sounds really good. Isn’t a marriage supposed to be, Oh I don’t know…different? I have my bets that the marriage ended in less than a week. $500!!! Anyone?


  25. I want one.

  26. Your sarcasm is biting.

    Really, though, I’m brown too; but at the same time, my parents have gotten used to being westernized. It took them a while to get warmed up to the idea of me dating while I was in high school.

    I find guys have it easier, though, which is unfortunate.

  27. I need a new icebreaker…hmmm maybe I should get an arranged marriage too!

    I also love it when the whole neighborhood cheers for me…sure beats “Shhhhhh, keep it down.”

  28. So some arranged marriages work well – that’s definite. But how many? What type of partner you’ll end up with reminds me of a lottery – very western, I think.

  29. Thatpessimist: The dark hair is a definite plus; that, coupled with your good fake Indian accent, means you totally have a shot. We’ll definitely have to book you in for some hardcore tanning though, and as for the babies..umm..that could be a problem. I say we purchase a bunch of babies from the Calcutta-slave-trade. That may sound “bad or mean”, but really, we’re giving them a better life, so kudos to us!🙂

    Dr. J: WHAT THE FUCK? Before I even clicked that link, I already knew what that was, since I’ve read that post of yours (and been traumatized by the picture)…YOU ARE A TWISTED FREAK!!!..but I love it🙂 ….and “no common language”..hmmm…that definitely jacks up the mysterious/exotic quotient😉

    greenie: the “technology meets ancient love-text” thing was awesome🙂

    PS: I love your line about how your parents want you to be happy and shit….hahaha..the funniest thing I’ve heard all day🙂

    PPS: I’m sorry that your mom is fishing for dong from the same lake as you….that’s fucked up.

    twps: Thanks for letting us know you’re a guy🙂 …and I can’t imagine any situation where having a “bear-trap-like” vagina would be cool…but what do I know…

    twfamt: HA…HA…HA🙂 …well hello there my cubicle neighbor!! (yeah, I saw your email Pat, I know that’s you, and believe me, I would’ve been able to tell from the dirty undertones of your comment alone😉 )….I have to say, I positively laughed my ass off; it’s just like when you get in on the comical email-threads at work…you always bide your time, and toss in the ground-breaking hilarious comment late in the game….love it🙂

    A few notes:

    -umm yeah…butter chicken is enough to make any neighbourhood rejoice😉 ….
    -and yeah, I love how I get sold off for a cow and some chickens, but what about the goat? Aren’t I worth a goat as well???..
    -and yeah, you’ve already told me I’m ugly before, so why doesn’t that surprise me??😉
    -And finally, did you seriously just say “spiderman” and the “houdini”?…You sick twisted jack-ass…😉

    Josh/rotgut: surging neurons is a very respectable career-path, my mother and father will hold you in high regard

    PS: did you just say cupcakes? mmm…cupcakes😉

    PPS: I am being deathly serious about the ovulation-end-date; white girls get a lot more time, so that’s probably why you’re confused. But for us brown girls, it’s “age 28 or bust”

    PPPS: OH MY GOD; I LOVE Dr. Mohinder Suresh from Heroes!!! Do you think I can marry a TV character? I suppose anything is possible, but that’s one Indian/English accent that I’ve LOVE to hear each night; and don’t even get me started on his dreamy head of hair….🙂

  30. Mr. President: WTF??!?!?! You’re a brown dude? And just when I thought my crush on you couldn’t get any bigger….and you’re 26, AND your dad wants to saddle you up…umm hellllooo Mr. President, don’t you see the “hands of fate” at work here? It’s meant to beee!🙂

    PS: I know that when you SAY “you wouldn’t wish being married to me on your worst enemy”, you really mean that you wish it for yourself…these blinding emotions can be very confusing, believe me, but it’s okay, you’ll find your way in time🙂

    the desktop: there is always time to stalk you, and as part of me being “selectively” liberated in my arranged marriage, I would demand a free pass to stalk you whenever I like🙂

    PS: if things don’t work out with my fake TV character dude, I’ll call your sweet ass up😉

    Couchptato10: I think you are confused; that Indian woman seems like the happiest woman alive as a result of marrying a stranger; she is my new hero, and I’ll bet you $1,000 it lasts FOREVER!!! Hmph!

    Red: I want you to be happy, but what about your mister? Is he cool with this?

    hroman: I don’t know we’re you’re getting this “biting sarcasm” vibe, I’m simply excited for my wicked future😉

    PS: guys have it WAY easier in brown-world (and sometimes in other worlds);..just use me as an example to appreciate your life and your dong, okay?😉

    just when we thought we were running out of new and unique icebreakers, here’s a brand new one eh?😉

    PS: haha…go on then, get those neighbors into cheering mode!😉

    AnthonyNorth: In ALL seriousness, a lot of arranged marriages do work well; like if you know what you want, and it’s nicely written out on a list, and you can find someone who matches up to the list, then you might just have it…It’s just the trouble of manifesting the “theoretical list” into everyday, real-life bliss… it’s definitely like a lottery, but hopefully the odds are a little better than winning the $300 million PowerBall or whatever…

  31. You scare me. The hands of fate scare me. I need a drink.

  32. “Sweet cuppin’ cakes” is a quote from one of the funniest web cartoons ever made. You can find this orgasmic laugh fest at http://www.homestarrunner.com

    You will thank me later. It’s been around forever, and many of my friends still bust out quotes from it during everyday conversation. Along with sweet cuppin cakes you might pick up on “majesties”, “Eeeeeh Steeve!” and my personal favorite “good jorb”

    Being a Canadian you will appreciate Coach Z. He’s a Canadian, and he’s got a hilarious accent.

  33. I am in an arranged marriage and my wife does a fine job with the placement of everything. Great post!

  34. BFF!! 😀

    Well, as your BFF, i must (MUST) be in the wedding. If this is a problem than you may not get into an arranged marriage.

    The only other worries i have are:

    If the mom’s propose and accept, does that mean you don’t get to wear the ring? that will certainly NOT do.

    Can you still go to the bar and get your whore on? If not, this again, won’t do.

    although i’m all about marrying strangers, make sure he makes FAT bank, preferably owning a bakery, since you love cake so much. and then, as your BFF, i would be entitled to a portion of said bank/cake.

    Just don’t say yes until you see the ring.

    Love you!


  35. Mr. President: I would try to re-assure you, but I’ve already gone ahead and freaked you out even further in the next post😉

    rotgut: hahaha…that cartoon is hilarious!!! I started off watching the one about “not watching football”…that was pretty funny, and then I moved along to the “Canadian accent” one…LMAO..it’s funny ’cause there really are some old Canadian men who I’ve heard talk like that (and ya I hang out with old Canadian men😉 )…”great Jaerb”…hahaha😉

    Stupid Tom: Thanks, and I had no idea you were in a blessed “arranged” union!🙂 I’m so glad your special system worked out for you, another testimonial!😉

    BFF!!!: I am SO having you in the wedding; you’re gonna look so hot in your sari and all your jewels😉

    PS: I didn’t think of that, but damn right I want some bling!!🙂

    PPS: I will be certain to keep my eyes peeled for a fat-bank dude, and then you and I will share the spoils🙂

  36. […] December 5, 2007 by romi41 As you may remember, I recently decided to get an arranged marriage.  […]

  37. “It was just like dating, only we were already married.” This is actually a major element of my one and only recurring nightmare…

    This brightened my night significantly. I spent part of the summer in Delhi with an Indian family and came away with more patience for all those time when my mom sees photos on facebook and says “Oh, who’s that–he’s cute!” because man, at least she doesn’t have his mom’s number.

    Still, I am insanely jealous about the fact that Indian weddings typically last for what, like a week? That sounds like so much freakin’ fun…

  38. Hey Erin, thanks for stopping by🙂 . And YES, you never know how “un-annoying” things are, untill suddenly your parents sit you down to have that “so, are you ready for us to whore you out on the Internet to forge a life-long bond?“-talk (ugh…don’t ask me anything further, I’m getting a headache just mentioning it…)

    And yeah, the “multi-layered” wedding-event is cool, as long as you’re not saddling up with a stranger (in my opinion…)

  39. “My name is Romi, and I am of Indian descent (not the “casino” kind, but the “elephants/saris/cab-drivers” kind).”

    I almost peed my pants from laughing when I read that. You are too damn funny.

  40. Why Arranged Marriages Suck:

    Because i know of no other way that a girl that you fell in love with can get SHIPPED BACK TO INDIA and married off.

  41. Lucky: I felt that it was important to help people understand what sort of “Indian” I was referring to (though I suppose “Native American” is the correct term..); stuff like that can confuse the hell out of a reader😉

    DoesItREALLYmatter: okay, so I read your comment, and the only thought that came to mind was: “No! Say it isn’t so!”…if that really happened to you, I am clutching my heart right now, because that is TERRIBLE.

  42. Well, unfortunately, this IS true. It happened a few years ago, so i’m “over’ it, but still, as you said, SHIT. As oblivious as some Indian parents are about their childrens “love lives” her parents finally found out about “us”, nad that was COMPLETELY unacceptable to them, hence they shipped her ass back to India and married her off. I thought about pursuing the situation, but I decided that it was best for her and her emotions that I not, because like most Indian children, she was not going to defy her parents. One of the main differnences, I believe, between our cultures. LOL1 I notice that you seem to be rather availiable, and seeing as how I have a “penchant” for dark haired beauties…😀

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