Plenty Of Fish: First Pool Of Bachelors…

October 12, 2008

 So I recently shared my initial dive into “Plenty Of Fish”, and I’m glad that I did, as you all had some interesting insights.

Well now I’m back with some findings…

…First off it is definitely true that the messages are aplenty.  I find that every time I enter the site and cruise around, there are five emails waiting after only a couple of minutes.  What this means of course is sifting through a lot of crap, such as: “Hey baby”—crap, “Can I see more pictures?”—crap, “I want to make you my everything”—crap, etc, etc, etc.

Aside from the email dirt that tends to pile up, I’m flooded with pop-up windows from dudes who want to randomly chat.  In these situations, I haven’t had any screening time, I have no idea who they are besides their nickname, but they want to talk.  How bold.  Well excuse me but I need to screen my freaks before we chat it up, so I don’t think so (I just need to find the setting that switches off the constant pop-ups, ’cause I don’t like my surfing to resemble epileptic episodes…).

So after all this dirty clean-up, I’m left with a single question: could there actually be a diamond in this poo-pile?

Well here are three bachelors from today, so you tell me.  My opinions are already somewhat formed, but if I’m being too harsh, feel free to set me straight. 

So without further delay, I give you the first round of bachelors (and yes I’m exploiting their pictures and messages, but whatever, they’re the ones who signed up to a public site dating site (haha))…


Bachelor #1:

Dear Friend
I could never enjoy
The simple PLEASURES of life
The way I do with you
And I just want to tell you, that
I need you always

Thank you,”


Bachelor #2:




(does “Plenty Of Fish” have spell-check?)

Bachelor #3:


“What kind of things do you write? Besides e-mails, lol. I guess I should watch my spelling around you!”

(well I love that he knows he’s my spelling bitch, but if we date and I tell him about my blog, this post will promptly be deleted!)


And there you have it, round one…





  1. hi, i randomly ended up on your page after a tag surf; good stuff!! hope you find that diamond!🙂

  2. How are you going to pick between those champs? You may have a soul-mate by the end of the year after all, Romi!

  3. Dammit, I didn’t make the cut? *sighs*

  4. Wow – well, at least number three asked something about you rather than making any assumptions. And he already knows you are a stickler for details. That has to be good. 😉

  5. Uh Miss Romi…

    Thanks for exploiting those guys by posting their photos…but what we are REALLY interested in is YOUR profile.

    When do we see that?

    Anyway, 1 and 2 gotta be out. #1 is already telling you he needs you? #2 is TMing you? At least #3 is aware of spelling…

    You can (and will) do better, Sweetie…

  6. Is it just me or does Bachelor #2’s eyebrows appear to have a life of their own? They remind me of some pissed off caterpillers that have affixed themselves to this dudes noggin.

  7. #1 needs to learn that it isn’t the 1840s and we don’t swoon from poetry anymore.
    #2 seemed to miss the ‘vowels are important’ day in Grade One. He also seems to think he is a badass gangsta, but whilst wearing a coral-coloured shirt. That shit just doesn’t add up.
    #3 is your best bet, my dear. Plus, he looks tall. And everyone likes a tall guy.
    That’s it, I’m officially starting my man-hunt for you.

  8. I like #3. Go for him. Not much contest anyway, but I love a guy that can be sublimely witty without having to try too hard.
    And spelling is of utmost importance for me too. 🙂

  9. by far the best of this school of fish is batchelor #3. But just in case, throw your line back in.

  10. I think #3 seems like the best of the three – he hasn’t promised to be your everything and he spelled words out in full. I’d need a close-up photo to be sure, but he looks pretty cute too.

    I’d give him a date.

    The other two…not so much.

  11. No, no and NO!

  12. I think bachelor #2 is really LOLCatz in disguise.

  13. oh please tell me you’ve got others to choose from.

  14. UMMM 3 definately!

  15. Number 3 looks like he is on the safe side of serial killer. He seems to have an open, friendly face!

  16. Bachelor #3 is your winner for today (er…for whenever you posted).

    Even if he’s not perfect yet, he’s clearly interested in bettering himself for you (the spell check thing). Which is more than I can say for “Acronym boy” up there.

    I mean WTH is up with these LUZRS?

  17. Well, out of those I would say #3 but for your sake I hope there are more!

  18. Romi, I think it will be very difficult to tell the true colours of some of these individuals. Most of the guys on this site will probably use cheap lines, and that is why they are using a website to get a date (no offense). Some of the “Hey Baby” or “More pix?” guys might be your prince charming…or some awkward type of royalty. #1 is a definite NO! You have gotta get outta there, pronto. You’ve got a stage five clinger. #2 seems to be a moron with no dignity, he expects you to decipher his codes. #3 Seems a bit goofy, but goofy could be good. And he did ask about you. Don’t tell him about the blog yet! You would need to delete a lot of your “dating quest posts”. Good luck with the sifting.

  19. I don’t like people who take their dirty laudry out to public view. I wou;dn’t want to be a peron who wrote you.
    A conversation is a thing between two people and I feel sorry for those people who put up thier pictures for your view.

  20. While I think that #3 would be your best bet (he seems normal) I hope you choose #1 or #2. Why? I am selfish and any “date” you went on with either clown would be more interesting and as a result, make for a better blog entry!🙂

  21. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your assessments of these bachelors, I am definitely leaning in one direction (and as bluesuit12 said, I’m hoping there are some other options as well!😉 )…I will continue to consider feedback…

    …in addition to positive helpful comments, on my blog I also post the negative comments as well, but in those instances, it’s important to clarify my position, so to Gula:

    -Thank you for your visit and your comment. Maybe you don’t like people who “air out their dirty laundry”, but everyone’s definition of dirty laundry varies. In my situation, I don’t count an initial unprovoked message to my “Plenty of Fish” mailbox as a private conversation between two people. How is it a conversation when I didn’t even ask for the contact? Furthermore, how is this different than me showing the message to twenty of my girlfriends as we try to narrow down the best bets?

    Also, I have my own line and I know where it’s drawn, meaning I received quite a few initial emails from guys who told me all about their family backgrounds, and work lives and personal interests. Again this was unprovoked contact, but I knew well enough for myself not to publicly post such intimate details that a person had decided to share.

    So do I feel sorry for these guys?

    -Well to guy #1, who has sent me three other “freakishly awkward psycho” messages, no I don’t feel sorry for him.

    -For guy #2, who thinks that every word is a short-form acronym and doesn’t know how to address a grown adult in an email, no I don’t feel sorry for him…in fact maybe if he saw this he could re-enroll in high school and learn how to spell.

    -And to guy #3 who wrote a light-hearted and impersonal one-line message that was reflected on positively and not intimate at all, no I don’t feel sorry for him either.

    At the end of the day I began this blog with a purpose in January to chronicle my quest “to find a man”, and there’s no turning back now in mid-October. If you were someone who reads this blog regularly you’d also come to recognize that as much as I scrutinize others, I scrutinize myself ten times more, and with every post carrying a “Humor” and “Sarcasm” tag, you know what you’re getting, and if you take my blog any more seriously than that, then I suppose I feel sorry for you.

    And finally, I took a quick cruise around your blog, and for someone who talks about experiences between two people being private and not for public viewing, I was suprised to read you describe in great detail the intimate romantic gestures a past love had bestowed upon you, things that were clearly meant for you and no one else, and yet it was right up there on the blog for all the world to see…hmmm.

  22. Ha Ha! The first guy said “pleasure”. Gross. I think he has been on “To Catch A Predator”.

  23. Poor Romi: I surfed over to Gula’s page and I gotta tell ya, I don’t think english is her first language. Just reading one blog entry, there were words missing, broken and disjointed sentences and extremely personal discussions about her many ‘dates’. I think you can safely dismiss Miss Gula as a jealous wannabe who wishes she had half the wit and charm that you posses…
    *depositing 2 cents here*

  24. Oh, and Guy #2? Who owns an orange and black suit? Is he Mayor of Halloween Town? Hrm, this might be a good look for me. ON F’N HALLOWEEN!!!

  25. Here’s a smiley:😀

    But I’m crying inside Romi.

    Plenty of WHAT? Fish? WTF?

    I guess there’s not so much of a boundary for you kids and your WWW2, but jeez, I liked your IRL experiments better.

    Somehow I know that you’ll come through the Year Of The Chick smelling like a, well, rose I guess😀 with or without a lifelong mate. You sure are making it fun for us readers! The search for love, what an inexhaustible topic!

  26. Oooh, number three, jes please. Give him an axe and take him to one of those manly-man contest things. I don’t know if he’d win, but it would probably be great entertainment. Or take him downtown, whatever. Just please not number one or two, dear Romi. Cause you know, it’s totally my call and everything.😛

  27. Romi- Gula is obviously voicing some negative criticism because she probably read this ONE entry, instead of looking around at the other hilarious posts. She was not smart enough to acknowledge the humor in your blog. So Effin forget about what Gula (who is named after the mother of the Hero Gilgamesh…I swear, look it up), and remember your friends on this thread. I know I probably speak for everyone on here when I say, I like when you respond to our comments in particular… And Shut it Gula!

  28. ….let me just jump back in here for a sec:

    -@ Justin: rest assured that 95% of the time I respond to comments individually; this was just one of those times where there was an overwhelming majority of an opinion, so I popped in with a single acknowledgement…but the vast majority of every OTHER time, I opt for the one-on-ones…it’s like having mini-side-conversations with each commenters, and who wouldn’t want that, you sexy-reader thangs? lol…😉 …and to be honest it’s foolish for me to even sit here and think “oh gee, I better comment individually or the readers will be sad!”…if that thought ever crosses my mind, then my ego and my soul should be fed to the wolves…my point being: I enjoy it more than the readers do believe me, so of course I’ll do that the vast majority of the time🙂

    …and in general: whether people like or don’t like what I’m writing, it’s all good in the neighbourhood; she can write what she wants and I’ll do the same. We’re all artists and we should respect each other as such, but I always like to defend myself once, just once (and I did that). I have the freedom for self-defense, and others have the freedom to bash me just ONCE, without me opting to delete the comment…after that the “Law of Romi” goes into effect…lol…

    But otherwise peace in the land of blog🙂

  29. I think you are fine abt posting these. At first I was a bit alarmed but we tend to get pretty alarmable, don’t we? I mean, it’s a wonder we even leave the house sometimes “Goodness! someone might SEE me!” so whatever on that.

    I like #3 of these choices and wish you “slow and fun getting-to-know-you”‘s with only the very best/cute/smart. It is fun that you let us participate!!

    I have a friend I wish would try online dating but her dad warned her that hightechcrazies could find her PC and track her down.

  30. Count me with the majority – #3 has vague potential at least, while 1&2 are “run away!” territory.

  31. This Plenty of Fish site sounds like a hot mess of fun!!!!!!! As for your three I say go for #3. He seems the most unassuming and his tag line was funny. Who knows what he might be like!!!!! Plus #2 needs to use full words and #1 sounds like he has already starting enjoying the PLEASURES of life regardless of whom he is with, he has all the pleasures planned out and he just needs a sidekick! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  32. Plz, b4 u go bashing 2 jst becuz he writes with acronyms, u should give him a chance IRL, IMHO.

  33. #1 has a Nigerian scam email vibe going, and there are some pretty glaring logic holes in his poetic statements. I do like his tie,though.

    #2 seems to be a court stenographer…which is a good catch in my book.

    #3 used “lol” early on…at his own joke. Not a good sign. Still, he was fairly self deprecating after the fact, so it’s not a complete deal breaker. He also has a fairly pleasant smile (as opposed to the fixed, serial killer, gazes of the first two).

  34. I’d vote for #3 if I had to choose.

    Keep us updated on your man adventures! (And try as I might, I have been unable to find your profile…and I am trying…)

  35. i pick guy three. he has a sense of humor number one which is so important and he could write a decent sentence. good luck romi!!

  36. I hope none of their wives read your blog!

  37. I’ve noticed a lot of the crap IM’s and emails that you seem to have got too. It’s amazing to me, what these guys think will attract women! Do they seriously think that these half-assed attempts will get anywhere? **sigh**

  38. Greetings Miss Romi. No, Duffboy has not died. I’m thinking the third dude is the way to go, chat wise at least. May you enter P2P internet freakiness paradise, at least for as long as it’s fun.😉

  39. Um, you didn’t pick number 2? His caps lock skills will fuck you up. Number 3 looks like he is about to go sailboating or something.

    Oh, and I’ve missed you.

  40. Clearly the lesson to be learned here is that you may not find a Prince right away, but you should definitely steer clear of guys who wear ties. I can’t even stress enough how much those first two are oozing serial killer vibes.

    Bachelor number three seems half way decent, but I don’t trust people with heads shaped like his. There is no reason for this, I just don’t. Also pre-faded jeans scream latent homosexual tendencies. Don’t give up yet, I’ll hit you up on Plenty Of Fish if I can ever talk Em into Mormonism.

  41. I’d go w/#3. Just my gut instinct!

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