The End of the “Year of the Chick”

December 22, 2008

penguinToday we end the chapter called the “Year of the Chick”.

So did the year turn out as I had hoped?

Well, let’s see…

…I gave myself a year to find man.  Once I had him hooked, I would vault my way past arranged-marriage pressure…right?

Not exactly.

What I’ve realized now is that finding a man is only the beginning, and even though I’ve come that far, I don’t exactly see a prince.  What I do see before me is a screen full of bits, bytes, jpegs and smileys. 

Mix it all up, and you have yourself a “cyber dream man”.  Maybe it wasn’t what Disney had in mind, but holy hell I have fallen fast.

As for the tricky matter of the parents, I won’t mince words: I’m screwed.  I guess I saw it coming, ’cause even when you find a man, you can’t tell your folks until he’s ready to buy you for a dozen cows.  I’m not really sure if my Internet man has a dozen cows, nor am I sure if he’ll offer them up for a lifetime of Romi “ass”.  If that’s not expensive enough, he’ll have to pay a surcharge of a dozen goats (penalty for being a white guy).  Meanwhile the “parental-approved” bachelors keep piling up…

…So there’s a lot that hangs in the air, and it always will…until I meet the cyber guy for real (or until I’m drugged and wed to someone else).

And when we do eventually meet, I wonder what he’ll think.  I wonder if he’ll run at the very first sign of my bedtime drool (sorry, it’s a problem).  Or perhaps he’ll find it odd that I sound like a valley-girl (moreso than I do on the phone), even though I’m wayyyy super-smart.

All these things, all this excitement…all these reasons to projectile vomit.

If there’s one thing I finally know, it’s that the image in my head of  a knight in shining armour (like the one who rescues damsels on his big white horse),  is at last officially shattered…

…and I couldn’t be happier.

On a final note, 2009 will NOT be the “Year of Cyber-Love”, or anything similar to that.  I know I’d have a lot to tell, but I really need to woo him in private now (surely you understand). 

As for my blogging ways, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, but with something a little different. 

Until then, this tired chick needs a little “R & R” (but please end the year with a bang on my behalf (and yes that pun was intended)).

PS:  To everyone who’s joined me on this horny, idealized, pathetic, and amusing ride…thanks.  Thanks for your advice, your opinions, your laughs, and even for your quiet reading.  Wow…now I’ve just puked on my laptop from being so cheesy (does anyone have a cloth and some disinfectant?…)



  1. Romrom, I’ve had a blast reading your musings since March of ’08. I look forward to seeing what new idea you’ve come up with for this blog and wish you a great holiday season. I’ll leave you with the first comment I ever posted on your blog which still holds true today.

    “I stumbled onto your page by complete accident from someone else’s blogroll. I read one, then two,then another posting! All I have to say is WOW!

    …should a twist of fate bring you down to south west Texas I’d scoop you up in a golden heartbeat!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this brief look into the mind of a female, keep up the good work!”

  2. While I joined your search a little late, I have had a blast reading and rereading each of your adventures looking for your man. I look forward to your new blogging ideas and I wish you the Merriest Christmas! I’ll work on my “bang” if you only work on your “bang” ;)!!!!!!

  3. YOu better be back in a few weeks missy!

  4. Miss Romi,

    We’ve loved every minute of it! Thanks for taking us along on your wild and crazy ride.

    When you do return, will we still be on this url, or do we need to “find” you?

    We love ya!

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog this year.🙂
    Definitely one of the bright spots in my little life has been discovering you and your writing and how you have inspired me to write more.
    I think I may rename my blog “Year of the Gut” as an homage to you as I continue my struggle with that middle part of my body.
    And, again, I have to assert that the men in Canada are blind and stupid…

  6. Well, I was wondering how this “Year of the Chick” would end. Not all nice and tidied up like a book with a happy ending. But then again, life never really is that way – it’s more of a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs. I do hope you will continue to regale us with tales of the “ride of your life,” Romi. We have enjoyed it! 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season. 🙂

  7. A good ending to a good year. I am looking forward to the next chapter and glad you’ll still be blogging in 2009 as I need something to read at work.😀

  8. Romi, You deserve a blogging break🙂 I look forward to the next chapter in your blogging life.

  9. It was quite a ride, Romi! Thanks for taking us all along on it. Happy Holidays and see you next year! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  10. Enjoy the holidays and may the new year be all that you could wish for.

  11. Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year Romi! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Year of the Chick, can’t wait to see how next year pans out for you.

  12. Wow! Well, I certainly enjoyed reading your “Year”…many hours of proficiently killing my paper writing time, came with help from your blog. I look forward to reading whatever you have in store for us. Ute and I are in Germany, we both wish you the best for the holiday season. Anyone you want us to say hi to over here? Haha. Hasselhof? Enjoy and keep in touch.

  13. Happy one year blog anniversary!!! I’m glad the myth of the perfect man is shattered. Now you can concentrate on finding yourself, and accidentally stumble on the best man for you!

  14. I’m sure that however you plan to revamp your bloggy style in 2009 we’ll have a blast following you along. Good luck with the ‘cyber guy’ *wink wink nudge nudge, say no more, say no more, eh gov’nah?*

    And I’m glad the knight in shining armour business has gone out the window. Speaking from, well the only experience I have to tell you about, you ‘know’ when the right one comes along. And it’s less about flowers and giddy floating hearts and more about “Oh. It’s YOU! Well what the hell took you so long?” Sounds like you found a bit of that when you realized that Mr. Mysterioso may be more than you thought😉

    So yes, if you must persue that endeavour on your own, free of peering blog-eyes, then naturally you must carry on. And I wish you all the luck in the world, and will now play some retarded song by Boston or something. Waving lighters ahoy!

  15. I have enjoyed this. Good look with the the cyber-dude, and sincere hopes he’s not a 68 year old shutin with a convincingly young phone voice.

  16. Its my birthday on the 30th, Ill have a drink, or two, who am I kidding, I’ll have a shit load of drinks in celebration for you. Hopefully it all works out with the parental units, and you don’t wind up on the evening news. “Tonights Headline: Woman found drugged and forcibly married to parental approved bachelor”.

  17. Well, Romi, I have totally enjoyed your blog this year. I learned a lot too. I learned I should have gotten a bunch of cows and goats for my daughter when she got married. All I got was a large bill from the caterer.

    I am rally curious to see how you will entertain us next year. Enjoy your rest because we all want more Romi.

    Have a great Holiday!!

  18. Ya little valley girl! Ha! Ha! ha! Oh, I love you Romi and cannot wait to see what you’re up to next. Have the very happiest of holidays- Here’s to a great ’09🙂

  19. Happy Holidays, Romi!😀

  20. Have a great ’09 but take it from me–meeting on line is one things. Cyber distance makes EVERYTHING far more appealing. So much so that reality pales in comparison. When you meet him, you’ll know in an instance if life is better with a computer screen between you. It’s the new “Meat Market” for the millennium. If you can make it work, shoot the wad, but if you have ANY reservations with this guy; if you gut tells you something is wrong right off the bat, as a broad, you know it. We’ve got an intuition that’s not more in tune the older we get, we just get old enough to finally trust it.

    You’re a funny, witty, smart charming young woman. Even though I really don’t know you, I have a feeling that deep down inside of you, tradition be damned.

    You be happy in ’09. Strive for that above everything else.

    Happiest of holidays, Romi!! Enjoy your time off.


  21. This has been an awesome trip, Romi, thanks for letting us tag along. Can’t wait to see your next blog.

    Have a Happy, Happy New Year!🙂

  22. Romalita! Everyone has already said everything! I second all the praises heaped upon your blog. It’s always funny and smart here! The ultimate YOTC post was great, just like a satisfying TV “series finale” (of which there are few come to think of it)! Count me among those looking forward to your blog’s next incarnation.

    Happy Holidays and good luck in 2009🙂

  23. i would always like to read this blog, even when a lot of it is inappropriate for a baby wizard. your writing is nice for my eyes, like pure evian water. you have a special magic and are destined for great things. good luck forever !

  24. Hello everyone! Just sitting here at a bit of a loss for words, at all your lovely comments and well-wishes🙂 . I mean seriously bitches (and I say that lovingly), to know that you’re out there, and that you’ve gotten even one ounce of pleasure from anything I’ve written, well isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

    I mean really, it makes this chick all warm and fuzzy…I love you guys!🙂

    And I hope you all had a lovely holiday…as for me, the cookie-hangover slowly begins to lift, so I’ll attempt a work-out today…yeah we’ll see how that goes.

    Blogging-wise, I am still in hibernation, and my brain is enjoying the rest…I’ll be back after New Year, and yes it will be a new URL, but I’ll write a post on here to direct you to it…

    …So I’ll see you soon, and let’s make ourselves an awesome 2009, Happy New Year!🙂

  25. How much milk do a dozen cows produce? Would that be an option?

    “Mom, Dad, Chandra would like to marry me. In exchange, he offers…a dairy farm!”

    Oh, that’s mean. I’m sorry. Look forward to next year’s theme!

  26. I love your cheesy ways Romi, please keep it at the same level with your ultra-savvy-romantic, yet upbeat ways (¿?). Now, let’s hope for that bang😉

  27. Romi, it has been an absolute pleasure reading your blog this year both from home and during my travels. Your antics always helped to cheer me up when I was down. I’m definitely looking forward to see what the next installment will be.

    And one day, maybe in the not so distant future, I will randomly see you wondering around the city if you don’t see me first.

    Cheers to a great 2008 and an even better 2009!

  28. Lucky bastard. I’m so jealous.
    I hope this guy makes you happy and treats you right.

  29. OMG – I just met your double in Perth, Western Australia. I was sitting there thinking ‘WHO does she look like?’ I haven’t seen that many pics of you but I reckon you look very similar🙂 Argh – when the cyber world meets the real one….slightly odd….n e hoo🙂

  30. I can’t believe I have to go back to a full work-week tomorrow….I also can’t believe that my two-week bloggy-vacay is over!!! But that’s okay, because I’m ready to spew forth verbal catharsis once more…🙂

    AND GYL: I have ALWAYS believed that we have long-lost “world twins” who we almost never get to meet, so I can’t believe you found mine!!! That’s a little odd and creepy, I hope my world-twin didn’t give you dirty looks or anything, haha😉

  31. It’s been a joy to read your sometimes-up and sometimes-down but always-hopeful and always-funny blog this year! Best of luck to you as you shift gears and I hope you have a fantastic 2009.

  32. Happy New Year Romi! I’m off to see your 09 blog now…

  33. You seem to have quite a lot of difficulties with bodily functions …….. I’ve managed to escape for a few moments ……..

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