New Year, New Blog

January 4, 2009

sunsetDo you smell that? 

It’s the smell of 2009 (along with the smell of meat-sweats I’m giving off,  in these times of eating more and showering less…don’t judge).

2009 means something else as well; it’s time to say goodbye to the “Year of the Chick”…it’s time to watch it burn.

No wait, I’m not really going to burn this blog.  On the contrary, I think I’ll keep the link alive.  And really, how could I not?  When so many people rely on this site for their creepy Google searches? (“three-boobed chicks” would be a personal favourite)

But life moves on and the earth keeps spinning, so here is my new address:

Romi:  http://romimoondi.wordpress.com

You can see for yourself what’s it all about, but let’s just say that if you didn’t know me then, you will definitely know me now

…So thanks for your visits in 2008, and I hope you’ll come along for the brand new ride…



  1. Hiya Romi – and Happy New Year!

    That new one is already in my reader… and I’m your first-ever commenter.🙂

  2. I’m heading over girl! Happy New Year to you- wishing you the best of everything in ’09 and always!!! xoxoxox

  3. Kudo’s my “three-boob-chick” friend😉 I already commented on your first post, on your new blog. But I’ll definitely check out the Year of The Chick archives: they’re chock full of fun!

  4. Thanks for sailing through guys, and I’m glad you’re part of my new world!😉

  5. Thank YOU for the fun reads, Romi! I know your new blog will be just as much fun as this one was! 🙂

  6. I surely will miss the adventure looking for that perfect man, real or plastic.

  7. I’m sure there is someone for everyone.

  8. hi romi… do you remember me.. im sorry i abandoned you guys!!! maybe ill start writing now that i have a nice peaceful apartment.. ❤

  9. texasheartland: it certainly was a fun adventure, but life goes on, and hopefully I can make it interesting somehow😉

    rita: I really beileve there is, but good luck finding that person, hahaha😉

    thatpessimist: welcome back, and don’t do something stupid like quit blogging again!;-)

  10. Dang… You know old people do not adapt well to changes… I am going to attempt to click the link and find you.😉

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