YEAR OF THE CHICK, Book One…It’s Alive!

November 6, 2011

Three years, ten months, and twenty-eight days from when this blog began…the full-length novel spin-off is actually…officially…FOR SALE!

I don’t have much to add to this post except an Internet smile and my own giddiness. I don’t even care if anyone buys it (well…a few of you can buy it, that would be cool).  What I care about is that in 2008, when I was blogging here about a quest to find a man (jokingly of course,  I’m not desperate or anything…HAHAHA!), I only thought about turning it into a book as a far off, unicorn-like notion.

Well now I’m going to ride this unicorn bitch into the sunset.

The fictional tale of “Year of the Chick” is ideal for anybody who’s ever felt out of place, or ever met a creep-face at a bar, or ever tried searching for love. In other words it’s mass appeal, but with never-before-seen kind of moments (like a tea-time family set up for arranged marriage doom). The story also includes some facts of life from the modern world we live in (like talking to a stranger on the Internet…and hoping he’s not a pedophile).

Now that this monster of a project is released, it feels like I just had a baby, except it’s measured in kilobytes instead of kilograms (PS: it will be measured in pages by December 1st, when the paperback version is released!).  Unlike a real baby though, my e-book hasn’t triggered a never-ending flow of lactation (or any lactation at all, to be clear—is this making you uncomfortable?).

So yeah, this diapered e-book baby is MINE, but if you want, it can also be yours as well.

“Year of the Chick” is book one in a trilogy. Book two is already complete in the form of a screenplay, which in the 2011 season has made it to the semi-finals or better in FIVE different screenplay competitions! (more details in the info section of my Facebook Author Page).  All of this means that 2012 will be the year of: turning a screenplay into a novel, releasing book two, and writing book three. Completion of these tasks will require a shit-ton of hours dedicated to writing in 2012.  With a full-time job. No biggie.

Please wish me luck in my continued quest to live two lives, for as long as I have to keep doing that!

Important shout-out: I’d like to plant an open-mouthed kiss of gratitude on my Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop. This old clunker got me through two hundred (and one) blog posts, two separate book attempts I eventually shelved, the creation and completion of a full-length novel, the creation and completion of a humor essays novel, and one full screenplay (and lots of porn…just kidding). I’m not even annoyed that in the last two months my laptop took it upon itself to randomly die repeatedly at least three times a week, forcing me to save my novel every thirty seconds in the final stages of completion. Not to mention that the battery is completely fried. I’m not pissed at you at all, Toshiba A100, but I will throw you out the window in the very near future, paying no mind to the bystander’s head you smash into.

Which brings me to my other important quest for 2012: save up my pennies for a MacBook Pro!

PS: thank you to anyone who ever read the various versions of my blog since 2007, and anyone who ever encouraged me on this path to publication!


Details for “Year of the Chick:”

E-book available now at: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Smashwords (which is compatiable with most e-devices internationally)

E-book will be available by December 1st for:  iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook, & Sony Reader

Paperback (!!!) will be available by December 1st


  1. Congrats!

  2. i love your first book and i really want to read the second one but its not on iBooks! do u think u can get it up there? i can’t wait to read it!!

    • Sorry I didn’t reply to this! Maybe you’ve found the book by now or forgotten about it, but it is on iBooks now, thanks!🙂

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